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Frequently Asked Questions

2: What should I know about DVD-R compatibility?
Recordable DVD-R is a great format for recording and sharing information of many types. The truth, however, is that not all DVD players are capable of playing all types of DVD discs. The reasons are many and quite technical in nature, the short answer is that currently, DVD-R and DVD+R formats are rated to be compatible with all computer DVD drives and most consumer type DVD players. Some DVD players will play one brand of disc but not another, others are sensitive to the speed that the disc was recorded at or the method used in the recording. So how does AMRS handle this problem? We use only top rated Verbatim and Taiyo Uden brand DVD-R discs, not because we endorse them, but because thorough testing has shown that these DVD masters, when created properly, are simply the most reliable. In the increasingly rare circumstance where a finished DVD will not play, AMRS will replace that disc with a DVD+R disc recorded at a lower speed. About 95% of the time, this will correct the situation. However, it must be noted that there are simply some DVD players that are not at all compatible with recordable DVD discs and in that situation, we simply recommend that the DVD player be replaced with a new model. See question #10 for more information.
7: Why do I need a Highlight Reel?
Highlight Reels are a very effective way for an athlete or performer to showcase their skills and college athletic departments need them in order to evaluate potential applicants. Our philosophy is that the Highlight Reel should look professional but not be over-produced. In other words, it should not be an elaborate, expensive production looking like a music video. A simple and direct video containing 5-10 minutes of highlights and a good photo of the student athlete, combined with any statistics and pertinent contact information is much like a resume in that the objective is to grab attention and get an interview scheduled. AMRS has produced many Highlight Reels for local athletes and performers and we would be happy to show them on request. Note that some sports may also require the inclusion of complete game tapes, for instance, basketball and hockey. Coaches in this area will need to evaluate the athlete on complete game performance, however, a good Highlight DVD is still the recommended starting point. Highlight Reel videos can also contain helpful tools such as freeze frames with arrows and masks, to accent players in a formation for easier identification.