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Service Rates

Film to Video Transfers

16mm Movie Film
12 cents per foot for all 16mm film to DVD, including speed correction for 16 fps films. Please add 2 cents per foot for sound 16mm films. All soundtracks receive a general audio restoration which includes EQ adjustment and digital noise reduction.

8mm & Super 8mm Movie Film
14 cents per foot for all 8mm and Super 8mm film to DVD. Please add 2 cents per foot for sound S8mm. Films are adjusted for color, brightness and contrast and has no "flicker". Opening title and removal of blank footage from DVD master included at no extra charge.

In addition to DVD-Video format discs, AMRS can provide your film transfer as full resolution .avi files on DVD-ROM, Blu-Ray, flash usb drive, external hard drive or SD card. Add 2 cents per foot for this additional service, plus any media costs. These will be the fully corrected files and are compatible with all professional editing systems, as well as iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. Approximately 13 GB of storage space is required for each hour of .avi video file. AMRS can provide the flash drive or SD card if necessary. Customers may provide their own drives, but we prefer new, unformatted drive for best results. Please call or email us if you have any questions regarding .avi file storage of the film transfer.

All films transferred receive prep work prior to transfer, which includes cleaning, lubricating, splicing and a general inspection. A non-chemical solution is applied to the film to remove surface dirt and dust. This allows for a smoother transfer and better viewing of the digitized film image. A temporary film leader is also added if required.

Please note that AMRS does not have any setup fee or other hidden charges such as a "DVD Master" fee. We do have a minimum charge of 200 ft. per order, but we will transfer any amount from a single 50 ft. reel to entire libraries of film. We also offer bulk rate discounts on a case by case basis, depending on the total footage, condition of film and reel sizes.

Photo Montage Videos

$1.75 per photo / graphic, $10.00 per song, including all photo scanning, correcting and editing of the songs or pictures. This rate can be adjusted for pictures that are already in a scanned or digital format.

Subtle motion effects such as panning and zooming are added to the pictures to eliminate the static "slide show" look and adds life to such presentations. Photo videos can also include film and video clips as well as news clipping, certificates, etc…

35mm Slides / Photo Scanning

55 cents per slide or photo for images stored directly to Dual-Format DVD, assuming a minimum order of 50 items scanned. The Dual-Format DVD allows for viewing of the images a a slide show on a standard DVD player, as well as the individual files stored on the disc for access via computer.

Please see our FAQ page for more information regarding Dual Format DVD discs.

DVD / CD copies for AMRS created masters

Our prices start at $5.00 for each extra CD or DVD disc that was created by AMRS in house for all film, video and audio discs. The prices decrease per copy depending on the total number of disc copies requested.

Video Editing, Audio Restorations & Voice-over Recording

$48.00 per hour. Project Rates are available. We will work with you in order to deliver a quality video on your budget.

Duplication Services

See "Duplication Services" page for current rates.

Event Videography

$575.00 Full Day (5-8 hours on site), $375.00 Half Day (3-4 hours on site, $275.00 (under 2 hours on site) Project rates are available for multiple day shoots and editing / duplication projects.

VHS / 8mm Videotape to DVD Transfer

$20.00 per single two hour tape transfer, $9.00 per hour for multiple tapes and large video libraries. Discount rate available for multiple tape transfers.

Audio Transfer from cassette or open reel 1'4" Tape

$20.00 per hour based on program running time with $15.00 minimum order per CD. Discount rate available for multiple tape transfers. MP3 file encoding is included for multi-tape libraries if required for archival.

Please note that at this time we can only accept studio master 1/4" tapes for transfer.